High Quality Disc Couplings

Rokee® is a High Quality Disc Couplings Supplier from China, customized high quality disc couplings according to the drawings which provided by the customer, selling chinese national standard high quality disc couplings, support export, due to excellent quality, complete technical services and superior cost performance, Rokee® industrial coupling have been serving more than 60 countries and regions in the world, effectively operating in many corners of the world.

Diaphragm Coupling is a kind of high-performance metal Flexible Coupling, which compensates axial and angular displacements by the deformation of elastic diaphragm while transferring torque. It features with compact structure, large transmission torque, long service life, maintenance-free, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance, suitable for shafting transmission in high temperature, high speed and corrosive environment.

  • High Quality Disc Couplings,Diaphragm Coupling,Steel Laminae Couplings
  • High Quality Disc Couplings,Diaphragm Coupling,Steel Laminae Couplings
  • High Quality Disc Couplings,Diaphragm Coupling,Steel Laminae Couplings

Rokee's RL series Steel Laminae Couplings are independently developed on the basis of high-quality products from Europe and Japan. It has smaller volume, larger torque of the same type, more reasonable proportioning size, large compensation range, light weight and small moment of inertia. Special elastic gasket design is adopted in the hole connection part of bolt and diaphragm group, which greatly reduces the stress concentration in the hole edge part, eliminates the tear loss of diaphragm, and extends the service life. With modular design, the coupling assembly is simple and its maintenance and replacement are quick. The performance far exceeds the national standard JM series products, which are widely used in fan systems, steam turbine units and other important industrial fields.

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