Drum Shaft Couplings

Rokee® is a Drum Shaft Couplings Supplier from China, customized drum shaft couplings according to the drawings which provided by the customer, selling chinese national standard drum shaft couplings, support export, due to excellent quality, complete technical services and superior cost performance, Rokee® industrial coupling have been serving more than 60 countries and regions in the world, effectively operating in many corners of the world.

The drum coupling is the crane drum coupling. The internal sphere gear sleeve is assembled with the external drum perfectly. Relying on the specially designed key, the external sphere shaft sleeve forms the entirety with gear sleeve perfectly. It will promote the reliable connection of reducer shaft and drum and it is the most ideal product in the market home and abroad at present.

  • Drum Shaft Couplings,drum coupling
  • Drum Shaft Couplings,drum coupling
  • Drum Shaft Couplings,drum coupling

RWC series drum coupling is a type of high-performance drum coupling developed by us and mainly applied for port lifting and large mechanical lifting. In comparison with international DC series products, it has identical outline and connection size, but its interior design is more thorough and steady. The hook face of gear is optimized and the large pressure angle design is applied. A patented mechanism is used for the sealing. One-time filling of lubricating grease is basically free from maintenance, solving maintenance difficulty at heights. In addition, an electronic warning device is set. When the wear life reaches the safe position, the weak current connection will trigger the alarm immediately. It’s a good choice for you!

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